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Cómo escribir GMM (Gaussian Modelo Mezcla) en Java?

preguntado por anónimo Mar 7, 2015

How can I write GMM (Gaussian Mixture Model) in Java. There are some implementations in Matlab but I am looking for some documentation about it and example code in Java.

PS: If it is possible, how can I adopt Weka implementation to my code?

PS2: I found that: Where is the source code of GMM inside it so I can adopt it at my code?

PS3: Another code found is: still have the problem have to adopt it. I should give the List of my input and get all the classified elements list from the algorithm.

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respondido por anónimo Mar 7, 2015

Weka is Java data mining software that can do GMMs, it also has a nice GUI where you can do some preliminary modeling before doing everything in Java.

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respondido por anónimo Mar 7, 2015

You can use "MATLAB Builder JA" to get ".JAR" file and source code from your "implementations in Matlab",like that,you can incorporate the result into your JAVA application.

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respondido por lmflores79 (140 puntos) Jul 30, 2015

Here is a link to a proof of concept in java that uses MoG for background substraction. Maybe it can help.