Dirección de servidor de prueba SFTP pública [cerrado]

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In my application I want to download file from SFTP server and for that I written one program but now I want to test it whether its working fine or not. So I need one public SFTP server so that I will download any file from it. I know public FTP server but don't know about any SFTP server. So can anyone know such SFTP server?

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I'm using the Free Mini SFTP server linked from this page: http://www.coreftp.com/server/

It runs local which is fine for my testing. If you need a remote host, it won't help.

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comentado por billy256 (140 puntos) Nov 28, 2015
Links to Andrew's blog seems to be dead. At http://labs.rebex.net/tiny-sftp-server you'll find similar free server. It's even based on same core library.
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List of public SFTP servers can be found here:

If you preffer installing your own you can find a list of downloadable SFTP server software here: